Wrestlmania 32 Recap -JD Lewis 

Overall, I enjoyed Wrestlemania this year. Most of the matches were at least fun. the matches I thought would be shitty ended up being pretty good because of dumb fun cameos. I had some gripes and disappointments, but for the most part I was satisfied w/ the event. Now, Match by match small summaries: 
5v5 Divas match was kind of decent. Nothing special, but not awful. 2/5
Kalisto vs Ryback – pretty decent match. Kalisto got the win which is cool, didn’t expect it though. 2.5/5
Usos vs Dudleys – Honestly i skipped the match. Our feed was behind so we skipped it to catch up. 
IC Title Ladder Match – Great match, one of my favorites of the night. Super happy and surprised that Zack Ryder got the win, but i’m for it and glad he got a moment. 4/5

Jericho vs AJ Styles – I feel like their previous two matches were better, but it was solid. I’m kinda upset Jericho went over instead BUT who knows where its going. 3/5
New Day vs LON – So it wasn’t a title match? Strange – still the match was fine and the dumb cameos were fun after the match. Like seriously, those cameos were for the cheapest of cheap pops but seeing Austin brawl and get some stunners in was great. 3/5

Brock vs Dean Ambrose – Gotta admit, a bit disappointed w/ the match. Ambrose didn’t look nearly as strong or crazy as I hoped. Brock dominated for the most part. Ambrose got some licks in but it was pretty free for Brock. 2.5~3/5
Divas Triple threat Title match – Probably my favorite match of the night. They all looked good and I knew Charlotte was gonna retain. Well booked match imo, great spots and each girl represented for the cause. Likely a Sasha vs Charlotte feud for Summerslam. Also, VERY happy w/ the Womens Title belt. 4.25/5

Hell in a Cell match – Was a little slow at first but it was satisfying. Shane damn near killed himself but it was awesome/scary to witness. What will come of this? Who knows – but i was entertained. 3.5/5
Andre the Giant Battle Royal – As soon as I saw Corbin I was like “HE NEEDS TO WIN!” And He did!!! I marked out for that, honestly. This match was dumb fun. Shaq coming out to Panda was funny af. Anyway, the right man won if you ask me. 3.5/5
Rock segment – That was pretty fun as well, and I marked out for Cenas return. Not gonna rate it, but i enjoyed seeing it just for the hell of it. 
Reigns vs. HHH – This match underwhelmed me and I wasn’t really expecting much anyway. Only match I can really say I was BORED watching. HHH was more fun to watch than Reigns. Reigns did NOTHING to impress me at all. But we all knew what would happen so… guess we gotta deal w/ it. 2/5

So, there were ups and downs, but I enjoyed my time. Hopefully RAW is interesting, because now i feel like it will mostly be the same.

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