An Interview With Vince Savage

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A debut project is coming soon from a North Carolina artist looking to make strides in the rap game.

Raleigh-born Vince Savage has been working on developing his first LP, entitled American Mobster, which should see a release later this year. Currently, he is working on promoting the single to the project, “Frank Sinatra,” and plans to have a video release before April is over.

I conducted an interview with Vince Savage, conversing with him about his music, thoughts about the game as a whole as well as future plans:

JS3: Where did the rap name come from?

VS: It comes from my name in the streets. I had a lot of problems growing up on the South side of Raleigh and a lot of people called me that. The nickname stuck and it stayed with me professionally.

JS3: How long have you been rapping?

VS: I’ve been doing this for a couple of years. Originally, I was just engineering and making beats, but I love hip-hop and music is my passion. I wanted to do everything I could to fulfill my dreams and move forward, so this is all coming full circle.

JS3: What have been your best and worst moments in music?

Vs: The best moment was when I came out with “Frank Sinatra” because I had the song, the concept and the dream of what I wanted to do. I built it up from ground zero and it came full circle with the product. It was my baby and I was able to nurture it.

The low moment came when me and some close friends I came into the game with had a falling out on some petty stuff. I’m a very loyal person and when someone has my friendship, they have it for life. Things didn’t happen the way we envisioned it and the fact we couldn’t keep it going was a low moment. We all had a dream together and it didn’t work out.

JS3: What can people expect from your music?

VS: They can expect 100 percent effort. I think my lane of music can be considered “street symphony.” It touches everyone — I know everyone has been in love before, had people they wanted to kill, had people they wanted to see again. I think my music touches people in a special place and that’s what they can expect from me.

JS3: What’s your take on the North Carolina music scene?

VS: I think it’s been so long since we’ve had someone come out of here besides J. Cole. The state has so many interests and as a whole we need to keep pushing, come together and make it happen. No one is going to make it happen for us.

JS3: Where can people find your material and connect with you?

VS: My Twitter and my Youtube is vincesavgetdot. Also, my soundcloud is

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