Album Review: J. Davon Harris “Something The Lord Made”


Before I get into this review, let me put out a disclaimer for anyone who asks me to do one in the future: I am one person with an opinion. If I say anything you don’t like, deal. I am not a yes man. I am just a writer with an opinion. If you want a biased report, don’t come to me. Back to the regularly scheduled program…

It’s been a while since I’ve done a project review and to be honest, it’s been a combination of both an insane schedule and laziness. Yes, a person who puts in about 80 hours a week at the job can be lazy and put things off. This should’ve been done a while ago, but no more excuses.

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On July 29, New York artist J Davon Harris released his latest project “Something the Lord Made” exclusively to Tidal before other platforms acquired it a week later. The 13-track album is the follow-up to his last tape “Native Sunn,” which was dropped in April 2015 and was reviewed here: (

I’ll just say this: STLM takes the concept of Native Sunn and improves on it across the board. While “God’s Wrath” was the main song the artist was pushing, “Prayer Service” was my favorite track for the music, lyrics, content and vibe. The first run through for STLM, I probably played it about 10 times, but some other great tracks include YBG, Tony In The Babylon and Ghetto Kids.

A hidden gem I liked about the project was the radio interview segments weaved in after nearly every song. Essentially, this felt more like I was listening to a show, which had similar vibes to Nipsey Hussle’s Mailbox Money (which I’ve been bumping lately) and also brings you closer to the artist, something like the protagonist of a show or movie. The way this tape was put together, if you took one song out of the equation it wouldn’t sound like the same project. This is a case where the artist focused on the body of work over just one single, which is a welcome rarity these days.

What I’ll nitpick is this: if this is your first time listening to J. Davon Harris, it may take a little while to adjust to his delivery. Also, this is not for the “turn-up” demographic; it’s more for those who enjoy the feel of raw New York hip-hop or just that 90s vibe as a whole.

Overall, Something The Lord Made was a great situational listen. If I’m on my way to a club, this probably wouldn’t be my first choice. Just about anything else (I.e. handling stories, relaxing, cruising down the road) provides a great listen. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Make your own by checking out the project on your favorite streaming and album site.

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