Project Review: “Moore County Mixtape Vol. 2”



Before I get into this review, let me put out a disclaimer for anyone who asks me to do one in the future: I am one person with an opinion. If I say anything you don’t like, deal. I am not a yes man. I am just a writer with an opinion. If you want a biased report, don’t come to me. Back to the regularly scheduled program…

One of the biggest rewards I’ve had in being an artist myself has to be hearing other rappers. I’ve got friends across the nation who have the ability to construct verses in a myriad of ways (conscious, trap, party, etc.) and seeing them progress is always a blessing. One of my mottos nowadays is “Flourish Season,” so seeing other people act on the claim is great.

Of course, being from North Carolina, I’m biased to the talent in this state, particularly those who come out of the 910 with me born and raised in Fayetteville. While I never spent too much time in Moore County, this review is based on another part of the region with a plethora of talented artists who may not get as much exposure.

The Moore County Vol. 2 mixtape is a 16-track compilation of 20 artists from the area looking to make their mark on a state, national and worldwide scale. I had been rocking to the project for a good while, but as far as a review, this is the true definition of a diamond in the rough. With a compilation project, you don’t get to vibe out to one artist, but there’s definitive structure as crazy as it sounds. Moore County Vol. 2 goes from conscious to trap to R&B and brings it back like a carousel. With DJ G-Moniy hosting the project (and not dominating it with drops in the middle of tracks), it was definitely well put together.

The only real issue I had with the project had to deal with the volume of some tracks. I’m guessing there were numerous engineers and while nothing sounded horrendous, you could tell there wasn’t a universal guy to balance everything out. Also, some tracks may turn some people off depending on what you’re trying to listen to, but those are really the nitpicks.

Overall, I enjoyed this project, but it can be a little difficult to pick up with several of the links deleted. Here’s the one I have been using for the past couple months, but there won’t be breaks between tracks:

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