Project Review: “Worth My Weight In Watts” Mr. Enlightment

Before I get into this review, let me put out a disclaimer for anyone who asks me to do one in the future: I am one person with an opinion. If I say anything you don’t like, deal. I am not a yes man. I am just a writer with an opinion. If you want a biased report, don’t come to me. Back to the regularly scheduled program…

There is a major difference between rap and poetry — even if they do coexist.

To me, rap always had a certain structure that would complement an instrumental or give you a rhythmic vibe if it was a capella. While poetry doesn’t have to follow any rules, both are supposed to make you feel some range of emotion. I’ve always respected poets — I’ve been able to show my lyrical prowess over the years through music and freestyles, but I have all kinds of trouble putting together stanzas.

This is why the review of Mr. Enlightenment’s “Worth My Weight In Watts” is going to be relatively weird. The Charleston, South Carolina poet released a project providing his spoken word to hip hop in his project. And to be honest, it works.

The 10-track project (well, nine when you exclude an intro full of sound clips) has a solid transition with beats that put it all together. There was a lot of contemplative tracks and material which would’ve definitely gotten some snaps at your local coffee shop. This was one of those projects where you just turned it on and just vibed. Shoot, I had this on repeat while handling stories and laundry.

Since I’m not a poetry expert, I can’t really critique it like that. The aforementioned vibes worked for me, and if you’re interested in checking it out, go to

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