Grammy Committee Rejects Bey… How Sway? 🤔

Well many of you have heard Beyonce’s song ‘Daddy Lessons’ from her 6th studio album Lemonade. Daddy Lessons has what some would say a real country feel to it, while others think it is far from country. Apparently it was country enough for Beyonce to be asked to perform along side the Dixie Chicks at the 50th CMA’s (Video Below)

After the performance A LOT of people, well white people in particular expressed their anger via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I guess saying that they were upset would certainly be the understatement of the year. Throughout the show the CMA’s Facebook and Twitter page experienced a lot of hate and racist tweets from unhappy country fans. The CMA’s deleted everything related to Beyonce from their page. There was no sign that Beyonce ever performed that night. The Beyhive was NOT happy about this, and let me tell yall that you DO NOT mess with the Beyhive; just ask 106 & Park 😆. The Beyhive attacked the CMA’s page swarming them with bee emojis (🐝). After their pages were attacked for hours the CMA’s posted Beyonce back on to their pages.

Beyonce received 9 Grammy nominations. Landing another song from her album ‘Don’t hurt yourself’ into the rock category. The Grammy committee rejected Daddy Lesson’s from entering the country category. It has been reported that the song was rejected because it was not considered country. Was it not considered country when it was performed by the Dixie Chicks or asked to be performed at the Country Music Awards? Others will say she should just stay in her lane and not try to cross into country. So lets get this straight, so artist like Kid Rock can start off in rap rock and cross into country and be accepted but Beyonce is rejected? If we simply went with the logic of “staying where you started” then lets send Taylor Swift back to country or maybe even Caitlyn Jenner back into Bruce. So the real questions are, was this because she is black? Maybe because there was so much hate from the CMA’s?

Regardless of the seemingly hate she is receiving from country fans and the country committee, Beyonce is the FIRST and ONLY artist to get nominations in Rock, Pop, R&B, and Rap all in a single year. With 20 Grammy’s and 62 nominations making her the most nominated female artist in Grammy history, she can truly go without this one award. Lets sip tea together and discuss this. What do you think, was this rejection a cover up to satisfy those who hate the idea of a black girl from Houston singing country or do you feel it was rightfully rejected?

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