LOOK! I got greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and LAWSUITS… YOU NAME IT!!!

Pastor Shirley Caesar has filed a lawsuit over unauthorized use of her sermon and song in the viral ‘U Name It Challenge’ says her attorney.

Yes, you read that right Pastor Shirley Caeser is suing DJ Suede who is the originator of the latest internet craze the #UNameItChallenege. She is claiming that his remix version of the song has cost her to lose $5 million dollars.

James Walker whom is Caeser’s lawyers stated that Judge Glenda Hatchett agrees that the song has cost her up to 5 million dollars and that it is interfering with a upcoming deal with Snoop Dog. The proceeds from the deal were going to help feed the hungry; and it will be more than lamb, rams, hogs, and dogs.

Pastor Shirley Caeser was ok with the remix as long as she was making money from it. Dj Suede made the song known as ‘Hold My Mule’ relevant again. She was selling products with the new found famous lyrics printed on them. She even created a website www.unameitshirley.com so that fans could purchase the items and promoted it on her Facebook page (image below).

While Shirley was gaining glory for her 2011 release from the Ultimate Collection Album, DJ Suede was not gaining from it and barely recognized. The law suit has been filed against DJ Suede, Julian Boothe, and Empire Distribution as Shirley Caeser continues to push to have the video removed. The song by DJ Suede is currently being sold on iTunes.

It is Shirley Caesar’s song we can’t argue with her there. Why was she ok with the song while she was gaining more fame and glory from the challenge and not recognizing Suede? Once this challenge broke the internet, her song entered the charts on iTunes. Is Shirley being selfish? Is the song really worth 5 MILLION DOLLARS? I don’t think so. Lets sip this tea together and discuss.

DJ Suede The Remix God – You Name It! (Official Video) (#UNameItChallenge)

You Name It! (#UNameItChallenge) – Single

DJ Suede The Remix God

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