B2K singer Omarion ‘Gots ta be’ more careful. Apryl Jones puts him on BLAST!

Former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars Omarion and Apryl Jones have split up, and they aren’t exactly cool. Apryl has called out the father of her 2 kids Meaga and A’mei online.

Although the infamous couple have 2 beautiful children together, Apryl claims that Omarion acts like a child himself. Apryl took her frustration to twitter tweeting

How do you have kids and are doing the same things you did at 24/25 years old? We gots to do better maaaannnn!!!!” 

Apryl later deleted her tweet after it caused many tweets of backlash from loyal B2K and Omarion fans. She later subtweets “some people can’t handle their mirror reflection, so they go back to the reflections that lie”. Could this been about Omarion?

With recent rumors of the 30 year old dating the Game, Apryl is NOT having it and is claiming to be a certified single woman and loving it.

The rumor came about when the reality star was shown on camera twerking at The Game’s house. They have both claimed to be just friends 👀. What do yall think? Watch the video below and lets sip tea together.


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