Project Review: M.A.C. “Eve”

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a project review, so long that I’m eschewing my usual intro. Let’s get right into it.

So, on Christmas Eve, Southern Pines artist M.A.C. dropped a five-track EP entitled “Eve.” According to his own description “Eve is a combination of melodic tunes, hard hitting 808s and raw lyrics. This experience takes you into the mind of a man. With thoughts on sex, religion, relationships and the opposite sex in general, this is sure to be an eye-opening experience.”
So, did it fulfill the initial narrative? Yes, but not in the conventional way.
The project starts off with a 40-second conversation about the biblical creation of Adam and Eve with a twist before getting into the lyrical content. Judging the tracks, the project goes from a feel of bravado to showcasing how much the artist cares about a special woman. This project displayed the range of a man who toggles between both a chauvinistic attitude and truly wanting to build something, similar to how most men are in reality, especially when you’re single. I’ll be honest: one day I could care less about a relationship, but the next I’ll contemplate on the one who might get away if I don’t get my act together.
This project is a seamless transition from one song to another with strong lyrics accompanied by smooth instrumentals, which delivers a very smooth vibe throughout. Every feature was phenomenal, and I’ve got to give additional props to The Background on “For You” and Chyna Vonne on “Slow Strokes.” There really wasn’t a track I passed up on multiple listens, a combination of everything coming together in a smooth stream, along with the conversation skits piecing everything together.
M.A.C. said “Adam” will be coming soon where the script will be flipped with the viewpoint toward a woman’s perspective. It’ll be very interesting to see how it will come together, but “Eve” was definitely a great listen for me and if you disagree, hey it’s only 23 minutes long. You’ll live.
Here’s a link for the project:
If you’re an artist who wants a project reviewed, feel free to contact me through email (, Facebook (Junious Smith III) or Twitter (@MicrowaveNC). My only warning is to not send something terrible to me, because I will not hold back in 2018. Then again, I’m just one man with an opinion.

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